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Welcome to  Sierra Leone Finance, one of Sierra Leone's largest financing organizations. We work to provide our clients access to the different mortgage, insurance and loan products available in the finance industry today.  

At Sierra Leone Finance, we recognize that no two people are created alike, and that each of our clients have their own special needs. That's why don't believe in “one-size-fits-all” financial solutions. We have, in fact, designed our products and services to fit individual needs and circumstances. 

We offer mortgage products, including: 

regular mortgages

second mortgages

jumbo mortgages

reverse mortgages

Our range of mortgage products are designed to help people in all kinds of circumstances – first time buyer, employed or self-employed buyers. We've been arranging mortgage products for twenty years now. Please visit our Department of Mortgages page for additional information on our Mortgage products and services.  

Our Insurance Products  

We do not stop at  mortgage products. We also offer a wide range of insurance products that can protect you against any eventuality, including motor Insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. 

Please visit our Department of Insurance page for additional information on our insurance products and services.  

Our Loan Products  

We have a whole range of loan products available for both consumers and companies. Easily, our most popular corporate loan product  is debt financing, whereby clients take out a loan from us for raising capital. We offer micro loans, business lines of credit, equipment loans, asset-backed loans, and commercial real estate loans.  

Our  consumer loans include home loans, car loans and personal loans. These loans enable our clients to take charge of their lives and make a personal mark on their lives – like building a home, buying that car or paying off that credit card debt.   

Please visit our Department of Loans page for additional information on our loan products and services.  

Sierra Leone Mortgages and Finance - We Do All Types of Mortgages Especially Reverse Mortgages



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