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Department Of  Insurance

The Department of Insurance is owned and operated by Sierra Leone Finance, one of Sierra Leone's largest financing organizations. We offer a whole range of insurance products for our clients. Our insurance products include:  

Health Insurance 

This is one of the important insurance product any one should have . Good health is what allows us to work and earn money and enjoy life. If you become sick or otherwise meet an accident, you might not be able to receive treatment at the hospital if you go in without a health insurance card.  

Although health insurance is provided by many companies to their employees, there are still people in Sierra Leone who do not have health insurance. You've come to the right place if you were looking for a company to provide your health insurance needs.  

Life Insurance 

Life insurance is a very important insurance product for people who are married and have children, especially those who have children. When the breadwinner is gone, often the pain goes beyond emotional and into financial. If you love your family, don't put them at risk of financial ruin with your death. Funerals are expensive. Moving on and trying to make a living when you are gone is even more expensive.  

Property Insurance 

This is the insurance that is required of homeowner when they are negotiating a mortgage with us. But even if you don't plan on a mortgage, you should insure your home to protect that precious asset. If you rent your place instead of own it, we offer renters insurance, which insures the valuables inside your rented space.

Property insurance can pay for replacement costs in the event of burglary, fire or some other disaster. 

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is very basic and most countries require that you insure your vehicle. Don't drive around town without insuring your car. Cars are expensive, and it is even more expensive to repair them if you don't have auto insurance.

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