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Department Of  Loans

The Department of Loan is owned and operated by Sierra Leone Finance, one of Sierra Leone's largest financing organizations. We offer a whole range of loan products for consumers and companies.  

Our  consumer loans include home loans, car loans and personal loans. These loans enable our clients to take charge of their lives and make a personal mark on their lives – like building a home, buying that car or paying off that credit card debt. We also offer debt consolidation loans for qualified consumer clients.  For reguler and reverse mortgage loans please see the mortgage dept page.

Debt consolidation loans allow our clients to gather all their debts and repay them under one single monthly payment.  

Easily, our most popular loan product  for our corporate clients is debt financing, whereby clients negotiate a loan with us for raising capital. We also offer micro loans, business lines of credit, equipment loans, asset-backed loans, and commercial real estate loans. We also offer this type of special loan for our corporate clients:   

Merchant Loans 

Merchants processing a minimum volume in credit card payments, may qualify for a small business loan alternative specifically designed for merchants and retailers. A business cash advance or "merchant loan", allows businesses to qualify for financing based on future sales without any collateral or fixed payback rate.

Balloon Loans 

These types of loans are  short-term loans with fixed rates. Our balloon loans usually have a term of 3, 5, or 7 years. The advantage of balloon loans is that the interest rate is generally lower than 30- and 15- year mortgages, which means it has lower monthly payments. However, our borrowers would have to pay the balance in lump sum at the end of the term. 

We also offer balloon loans with refinancing option. This allows borrowers to convert the loan at the end of the balloon loan period to a fixed rate loan. The rate is based upon the outstanding principal balance. 

Reverse Mortgage Loans

This is a relatively new type of loan that is geared at seniors. It allows them to tap into the equity sitting unused as part of their home. To this point we have not fully developed such a program in our country. In the United States this is a command loan that is used by many of their seniors. Fiddle around with this reverse mortgage loan calculator to get some idea of the rates and amounts that a senior can potentially get for placing a reverse mortgage on his home. We currently working on developing a similar program nationally and will keep you posted in regards to its progress.


We work with our consumer and corporate clients to give them the best possible rates on their loans. Our interest rates vary from based on the loan amount and the  individual circumstances of our borrower. Typically, our loan rates are in the range of 7.9% to 20.7%.

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