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The indigenous population is made up of 16 ethnic groups.  Many are part of larger ethnic networks extending into several countries in the sub-region.  The Temne in the North and the Mende in the South and East are the two largest.  The Limba, Susu, Kono, Fula, Mandingo, Sherbro, Krio, Koranko, Vai, Krim, Loko, Kisi, Yalinka and other ethnic groups.

In addition, about 2000 Lebanese, 500 Indians and 2,000 Europeans reside in the country, some of who have become naturalized citizens. The last population census was carried out in 1985, by which the count was at about 3.5 million with a growth rate of approximately 2.4%. Preparations are underway for the population count scheduled to commence in December 2004. The current projected population figure is given as 5.3 million.

Sierra Leoneans are renowned for their skills in arts and craftwork, especially woodcarving. They are also generally noted for their hospitality.  

Nationality:                   Sierra Leonean(s)

Population:                   (2001 est.; no census since 1985); 4.5 million

Annual Growth Rate:    (1990 est.) 2.4%

Ethnic Groups:             Mende, Temne, Limba, Krio, Loko, Fullah, Kono, Madingo,
                                   Yalunka, Vai, Sherbro, Susu, Koranko, Krim, Kru and Kissi. 

Official Language:        English

Local languages:          Mende, Temne, Limba, Krio, Loko, Fullah, Kono,
                                   Madingo, Yalunka, Vai, Sherbro, Susu, Koranko,
                                   Krim, Kru and Kissi (krio is the most widely spoken)               

Major Religions:           Islam and Christianity.

Education:                    (2000) Literacy 30%

Work Force:                Agriculture 67%; Industry 15%; Services 18%

Mortgages:                 Fastest growing mortgage is the "Reverse Mortgage"


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